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Plexa for Clinics

  • engagement
    Patient engagement
  • communication
    Workplace communication
  • social media
    Automated social media
  • research
    Research & CPD
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"In terms of connectivity and ease of use, Plexa delivers like no other tool I've used. The contetn served up to me saves me more than 3 hours per week.

The speed with which I can manage my social media presence has freed up time and headspace. Very nice!"

Plexa for Doctors

  • engagement
    Patient engagement
  • medical healthcare
    Automated medical profiles
  • research
    Research & CPD
  • job matching
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"I've been using Plexa since it was created. To be honest, it's fundamentally changed the way I learn about medical research.

There's new content daily. It's personalised and I can share it to Twitter, to other people on Plexa or save it for later."

Plexa for Medical Charities

  • charity donations
    Increased donations
  • brand ambassador
    Brand ambassadors
  • media marketing tools
  • community engagement
    Community engagement
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"Plexa allows us to promote ourselves in a way that encourages the medical community to be involved in the progress we make. Raising funds is important, but the ability to build our profile with doctors and nurses is something Plexa excels at.

This is worth more than any donation."

Plexa for Medical Students

  • benchmarking
    Anonymous benchmarking
  • employment prospects
    Employment prospects
  • communication
    Student communities
  • personalised research
    Personalised research
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"Plexa has helped me a lot through uni. I get personalised research for the subjects I'm studying and it's really useful to know what's just been published. This helped me to choose electives recently, plan assignments and prep for exams.

We have a private group to share research that's sent to us too!"


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