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Background and Team

Plexa was created by Prof Oran Rigby with the goal of empowering patients with knowledge. He believes that a patient’s personal drive to search for a cure was key to both patients & doctors to help build a patient centric care plan.

Prof Rigby, a Churchill scholar from Harvard University, Boston - is a consultant Intensivist with Australian and European postgraduate qualifications in Surgery, Aeromedicine, Tropical medicine & International health. His Churchill fellowship from Harvard was awarded to support research into innovative applications for Robotics, Drones and Telemedicine in Disaster & critical care which has inspired Plexa.ai to support patients in Boston, Massachusetts.

He created Plexa to help patients make sense & navigate the extent of medical information & create a platform which would provide patients with a place to connect with others & other services which would enable their care plan & their search for a cure. The team is a mix of technologists, patients & doctors all passionate about putting the patient at the center of healthcare.


Plexa empowers patients to build connected communities to search for insights & medical breakthroughs.

We believe the world of healthcare is better when:

  • Patients are listened to,
  • Patients are empowered by knowledge,
  • Patients are enabled by technology,
  • Patients feel in control of their health plan &
  • Connected to communities.
Plexa vision

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