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Viral transformations in the female genital tract can spell trouble for women’s health

Science Direct's Cervical Cancer

A new study uses next-generation gene sequencing to get a clearer read on the community of viruses present in vaginal microbiome samples and its im...

Burst of rapid cell motion in 3D tumor model

Science Direct's Cervical Cancer

Biological processes such as wound healing and cancer cell invasion rely on the collective and coordinated motion of living cells. A little underst...

Cancer: When viruses and bacteria cooperate

Science Direct's Cervical Cancer

Infections with several pathogens simultaneously increase the risk of cervical cancer, according to a new study conducted on artificial 3D tissue m...

New treatment target ID’d for radiation-resistant cervical cancer

Science Direct's Cervical Cancer

Understanding how cells die is key to developing new treatments for many diseases, whether the goal is to make cancer cells die or keep healthy cel...

Cervical myelopathy screening focusing on finger motion using noncontact sensor

Science Direct's Cervical Cancer

Researchers have developed a simple screening tool using a non-contact sensor for Cervical myelopathy (CM) combining a finger motion analysis techn...

Researchers find cervical cancer screening is overused – and underused as well

Science Direct's Cervical Cancer

New research finds many women are screened too often for cervical cancer, leading to unnecessary procedures that may carry their own harms, while s...

Infection with human papillomavirus linked to higher risk of preterm birth

Science Direct's Cervical Cancer

Women carrying human papillomavirus (HPV) run an elevated risk of preterm birth, a new study shows. A connection can thus be seen between the virus...