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Role of Therapeutic Plasma Exchange in Resolution of Hyperhemolysis in a Patient Living with HIV/AIDS (PLHA) Diagnosed with Paroxysmal Cold Haemoglobinuria: A Case Report".

Indian Journal Hematology Blood Transfusion

Paroxysmal cold haemoglobinuria (PCH) is an acquired cause of haemolytic anaemia. It is caused by the biphasic IgG antibodies that sensitize and at...

HLH Masquerading Lymphoma: Diagnostic Dilemma and Treatment Outcomes.

Indian Journal Hematology Blood Transfusion

A case series to illustrate difficulties faced in diagnosis, management and subsequent therapeutic approach patients presenting with HLH secondary ...

Post-transplant Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis in Benign Hematological Disorders: Experience of 4 Cases with Review of Literature.

Indian Journal Hematology Blood Transfusion

Post transplant Hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HLH) is a form of secondary HLH, which can be either early onset or late onset and is associate...

Effectiveness and Cost-Effectiveness of Prophylactic Voriconazole and Fluconazole Regarding Prevention of Post-hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation Invasive Fungal Infection and Its Related Death: A Single Center Experience.

Indian Journal Hematology Blood Transfusion

Analyzing effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of voriconazole versus fluconazole prophylaxis in hematopoietic stem cell transplantation (HSCT).

The research included 70 patients; 34 undergoing allogeneic HSCT and 36 undergoing autologous stem cell transplantation (ASCT), alternated to receive either voriconazole or fluconazole prophylaxis for 180 days on a 1:1 basis. Patients were monitored for occurrence of invasive fungal infections (IFI), IFI-related death (IRD) and total death events. Cost-effectiveness of both agents in both groups was also assessed.

Antifungal prophylactic drug had no impact on incidence of IFI and IRD in both allogeneic HSCT and ASCT (P = .452 and P = 1.000; P = .457 and P = .146 respectively). An insignificant difference occurred among patients receiving voriconazole or fluconazole regarding overall survival (OS) and fungal infection-free survival (FFS) in both groups (P = .705 and P = .879; P = .713 and P = .681 respectively). Regarding cost-effectiveness, voriconazole dominated fluconazole regarding prevention of IFI and IRD but was less costly/less effective regarding prevention of total death events and gaining life years in the allogeneic HSCT setting. In the ASCT setting, voriconazole was not cost-effective regarding avoidance of IFI and IRD and was dominated by fluconazole regarding avoidance of total death events and gaining life years.

Voriconazole does not differ from fluconazole regarding its efficacy in prevention of IFI and IRD and does not improve OS and FFS in both allogeneic HSCT and ASCT settings. Voriconazole is cost-effective regarding protection from IFI and IRD in allogeneic HSCT but not cost-effective in ASCT.

Dapsone: An Old but Effective Therapy in Pediatric Refractory Immune Thrombocytopenia.

Indian Journal Hematology Blood Transfusion

There are no definitive guidelines for management of chronic or refractory immune thrombocytopenia (ITP) in children. Dapsone is an inexpensive and...

Study of Prothrombotic Changes in Metabolic Syndrome.

Indian Journal Hematology Blood Transfusion

The metabolic syndrome is a complex disorder of various metabolic risk factors in a single individual having central obesity and commonly associate...

JAK2V617F Mutation in Patient with Splanchnic Vein Thrombosis.

Indian Journal Hematology Blood Transfusion

Splanchnic vein thrombosis is an uncommon life-threatening form of venous thrombosis. It is one the common complication among MPN's. In the western...

Detection of BCL11A and HBS1L-MYB Genotypes in Sickle Cell Anemia.

Indian Journal Hematology Blood Transfusion

Sickle Cell Anemia (SCA) is one of the most common monogenic disorders worldwide. Molecular modifiers of clinical symptoms play an essential role i...

Role of Hematological Indices as a Screening Tool of Beta Thalassemia Trait in Eastern Uttar Pradesh: An Institutional Study.

Indian Journal Hematology Blood Transfusion

A large majority of microcytic hypochromic anemia have defects in cellular hemoglobin synthesis due to either iron deficiency or thalassemia trait;...

Surveillance of Transfusion Related Adverse Reactions in a Tertiary Care Centre in Bangalore: A 4-Year Hemovigilance Initiative.

Indian Journal Hematology Blood Transfusion

Even though blood transfusion is a life saving measure, it is nonetheless associated with a number of risks and hazards. The adverse reactions that...

A Pilot Study to Assess Transfusion Transmission of Hepatitis C Virus.

Indian Journal Hematology Blood Transfusion

Alexandria University blood bank adopted double screening tests: a fully automated chemiluminescence immunoassay followed by nucleic acid testing. ...

Clinical Course of Patients With Sickle Cell Anemia and Co-inherited Hematological Disorders: Experience at a Tertiary Hematological Centre.

Indian Journal Hematology Blood Transfusion

To study the clinical course of patients with sickle cell anemia and coinherited hematological disorders. Retrospective analysis of clinical data o...